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tuscaloosa bail out


When we started Tuscaloosa Bail Out in May of 2020, we never dreamed that our idea would so quickly become a real part of the Tuscaloosa community and receive such support. We conceived of this group amidst the start of a global pandemic, to channel frustration, love, and care into action. Thanks to all our donors, supporters, and volunteers, that idea became a reality, and we were able to unite countless loved ones with their family members as the pandemic ravaged Alabama’s jails and prisons. We believed and still believe that wealth should not be the determining factor in whether you remain incarcerated pre-trial, and we’ll continue to advocate for the abolition of cash bail in Tuscaloosa and beyond.

Over the last year and a half, our board, too, has gone through changes, including two-thirds of our board leaving the Tuscaloosa area for new jobs, new programs, and new phases of life. We celebrate our collective successes while acknowledging that these circumstances aren’t conducive to us continuing our efforts with Tuscaloosa Bail Out. After much conversation and consideration, we’ll be pressing pause on all active donations and operations at this time. That being said, we will be on stand-by and will not be shutting down the organization entirely. We are simply in hibernation while we build a new board – a more local board – and recalibrate how to best serve those who are incarcerated and in need of bail funds in Tuscaloosa.

We encourage you to redirect your financial support of us to Montgomery Bail Out Fund, Etowah Freedom Fund, and Huntsville Bail Fund.

In solidarity,

TBO Board

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